Check Out Beta’s New Alp X Scrambler And Alp 4.0

Barebones adventurers will surely love these bikes’ stripped down design.

Italian motorcycle manufacturer Beta has established itself as a mainstay in the off-road segment. We recently talked about the new and improved 450 RX, a four-stroke motocross machine built from the ground up to deliver uncompromising performance. Apart from that, the RR two-stroke range stands as one of the most revered in the segment.

That being said, while Beta’s endeavors focus primarily on enduro and motocross racing, the brand also has machines that cater to all-around riders. For instance, the new Alp series, consisting of the Alp X Scrambler and Alp 4.0 were just unveiled at EICMA 2023. With these two new models, Beta wants to usher in a new generation of scramblers – bikes that are actually ready to riot off road, and not just bikes that are stylized to look like they’re off-road capable.

Beta Alp X Scrambler

Across the board, the Alp X Scrambler and Alp 4.0 are built atop the same foundations. They roll on a 19-inch and 17-inch wheel combo, and feature minimalist, albeit modern bodywork. The bikes get long-travel suspension, but swap out the fancy inverted forks for a pair of regular telescopic units. This adds a touch of retro flair in to the mix, particularly beffitting the styling of the Alp X Scrambler.

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Speaking of which, the Alp X Scrambler sets itself apart with a round LED headlight that surprisingly fits well with the bike’s enduro-esque bodywork. The exposed frame and engine further add to the bike’s barebones appeal. Meanwhile, the Alp 4.0 boasts a slightly taller seat height, as well as a more rugged, off-road focused aesthetic. Just like its predecessor, the Alp 4.0 is all about nimbleness, lightness, and maneuverability.

Beta Alp 4.0