Sky TV customers urged to make simple change this month or lose key features

Sky is warning some users that they could soon miss out on key features unless they switch to something new. The alert has been issued due to the satellite telly firm ending full support for its ageing Sky+ app which will no longer get updates from the end of this month. The app will also be removed from app stores, meaning you won’t be unable to download it onto any new devices.

Along with that phone block and stopping any new features arriving on this platform, Sky has also confirmed that some key functions will be switched off from May 31.

This includes Channel Favourites no longer being available, along with Favourites in the app’s TV Guide page no longer being displayed or working correctly.

Sky says that the app will still work after May 2023 but the company can’t promise that it will remain totally reliable as they won’t have any engineers fixing bugs or pushing out repairs.

“Customers who continue to use the Sky+ app after May 31st will see a reduction in the features they can use, and content curation will stop,” Sky confirmed on in a community blog post.

“Sky+ box connectivity features will continue to function unofficially, however if customers experience issues we are unable to provide support or fixes.”

At one time, the Sky+ app had around two million users and clearly some might be a little miffed that they are losing key features.

Luckily, there is a simple solution with Sky reminding users that the latest Sky Go app is available and free for customers to use. Sky Go features live and on-demand content along with boxsets and movies which can be downloaded and viewed on the move.

So, if you still have Sky+ it might be worth making the switch to something new if you want all the latest and greatest features.

Explaining why it made the decision Sky added: “We always aim to support the most up-to-date, secure and high-performing technology – the age of the Sky+ app on iOS and Android means that the services used are out of date and cannot be continued or improved in the existing app.”

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