Ukraine LIVE: Putin humiliated as Russia suffers highest casualty rate since start of war

The Russian military is suffering its highest casualty rate since invading Ukraine last February, representing another blow to Vladimir Putin’s war ambitions. On Sunday, the Ministry of Defence released information on how Russian deaths are rising in Ukraine.

In a statement on Twitter, the MoD said: “Over the past two weeks, Russia has likely suffered its highest rate of casualties since the first week of the invasion of Ukraine.

“The Ukrainian General Staff release daily statistics on Russian casualties. Although Defence Intelligence cannot verify Ukraine’s methodology, the trends the data illustrate are likely accurate.

“The mean average for the last seven days was 824 casualties per day, over four times the rate reported over June-July 2022. Ukraine also continues to suffer a high attrition rate.

“The uptick in Russian casualties is likely due to a range of factors including lack of trained personnel, coordination, and resources across the front – this is exemplified in Vuhledar and Bakhmut.”

It is difficult to estimate how many deaths the Russians have suffered in Ukraine because Moscow does not publish this data.

The Moscow Times recently reported that experts have seen a sharp uptick in Russian deaths in recent weeks.

Nearly 200,00 Russian soldiers have been killed and wounded in Ukraine, according to US officials and Western estimates.

The New York Times reported: “The figures for Ukraine and Russia are estimates based on satellite imagery, communication intercepts, social media and on-the-ground media reports, as well as official reporting from both governments.”

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