Serial Scots love rat who conned women for 30 years at centre of missing persons inquiry

A man at the centre of a police missing persons inquiry is a serial love rat who has been conning women for more than 30 years.

Police issued an appeal for 50-year-old David McGinn, from Cardonald, Glasgow, who was last seen on January 15 at Central Station. But the Sunday Mail can reveal he is David Anthony Kean, who has left a trail of heartbreak across the UK.

The rip-off Romeo, who has convictions for theft and dishonesty, meets women on dating sites and steals from them before disappearing.

Janet Mighton, 51, of Whitburn, West Lothian, was left £650 out of pocket after meeting Kean online. She said: “When I saw the police appeal, I thought, ‘Here we go again.’

“I know he’s not missing, I know he is at it again.

“The person who reported him missing obviously had no idea. It’s very sad that he is able to keep doing this.”

Laura Mitchell, 52, from Paisley, met Kean on a dating site in March, the same month he left a woman we are naming as Helen. He fled after she gave him £50.

She said: “The police need to pull their fingers out and catch this man. He won’t stop until he’s stopped. His track record has proven that.Women need to be aware of who he really is.”

We have spoken to eight women who the love rat has lied to since he began his love-bombing ruse as far back as 1992.

Kean, whose real age is 51, is originally from Govan, Glasgow, but has been known to use an Irish and Yorkshire accent. He’s also known to use the names David Donald, David Ross, David Kayne, David Marshall, David Jamieson, David Cochrane and David Cunningham.

In December 2011 Helen met the man she knew as David Ross in a Glasgow pub. They got engaged.

She later found out she was pregnant. But in March 2015 he ran off with her bank card, leaving her penniless and pregnant.

She said: “He’s done this time and time again and is still doing it. He will never learn.

“Whoever has reported him missing seems worried about him. The poor woman probably doesn’t have a clue.

“The police need to catch him and throw away the key before he does this again.”

In August 1991 Kean was married to Cassandra Hipwell, from Edinburgh, but they divorced three years later. During that time he met a woman who said he stole jewellery from her in December 1992.

She said he claimed to be David Cairn and worked as security in pubs in the city and also said his father was a vicar. The following year he also met Carolyn Foulkes and fleeced her out of more than £2000.

Carolyn, who also knew Kean as David Cairns, met on a night out. She said after they dated for a few weeks she left Kean alone in her home and returned to find antique jewellery missing.

In September 2015 Kean admitted five charges of theft and dishonesty between 2009 and 2012 and was jailed for two years at Hamilton Sheriff Court. He was released in November the following year.

In April 2017 he met mum-of-three Michelle. Michelle hooked up with Kean, who she knew as David Mitchum, on the Plenty Of Fish dating site.

He told her he was a lorry driver who originally came from Yorkshire, was of Irish descent and was 44. But after leaving him alone in her mum’s home for less than two hours, £1500 went missing and he disappeared.

In July 2017 he left the home of one woman in Edinburgh, taking her £40 earphones with him. In September 2017 Bedfordshire Police said they were also looking for Kean.

In December 2018 a woman from Leicestershire said he had fled with jewellery including a £5000 diamond ring. Kean has several tattoos including, “Daddy’s Little Angel” on his left arm and “Daddy’s ­Little Princess” on the right.

There is also a tattoo of an oriental black dragon on his right arm and Chinese writing on his right shoulder. He is described as 5ft 9in, bald and medium build. Police said it is thought that he has family in Preston.

Sergeant Iain McGillivray, of Govan Police Office, said: “I urge anyone who has seen David since January 15, 2023, to contact police. Even if what you know seems trivial, please get in touch as every piece of information could help us find out where he is.”

If you any information on David Kean, you can also contact our reporter [email protected]

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