Roast beef air fryer recipe is ‘super easy and super quick!’

The Air Fryer Girl shares her clever air fryer recipes on her TikTok account, where she has almost 220K followers and has amassed 960.4K “likes”. She showed how to make roast beef in the machine.

The chef wrote to her followers: “Air fry your Sunday roast! Winner winner beef dinner. Super easy and super quick!” Chef produced a juicy-looking roast with the method, using an Aldi roasting joint.

“I added rosemary and thyme for some extra flavour,” the chef explained, showing how she drizzled the joint with olive oil, added the herbs, and then added pepper and salt to the meat.

Detailed her mother, Air Fryer Girl went on: “Preheat your air fryer for five minutes at 200C (392F).” As your air dryer is heating up, it’s time to work out how long to cook the meat.

The content creator advised: “Calculate the cooking time by 15 minutes per pound/450g. If you like your beef rare, don’t add any time.

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“For medium-rare add five minutes. For medium add 10 minutes. For medium-well done add 15 minutes, and for well done add 20 minutes.”

Then it’s time to cook the joint. She said: “Once the air fryer has been preheated, air fry your beef at 210C (410F) for five minutes.”

The cook explained this acts like searing the beef in a pan before cooking. She went on: “Then continue cooking for the remainder of the time at 180C (356F).”

Finally, the chef finished up: “Make sure you rest the beef for 20 mins (or more) under foil. Enjoy!”

Fans of the content creator shared their thoughts on the recipe and some of their own tips. One wrote: “Cooking meat in the air fryer is the best it stays so juicy.”

Siân-Kathryn Tucker suggested: “Try using the dehydrate function. It comes out amazing. Dehydrated a joint for five hours with five minutes of max crisp at the end. Never had a joint like it.”

Another said: “I Ninja dehydrated a beef joint yesterday. Seven hours and then eight minutes at 200C. It was spot on.”

Gerald Studart wrote: “I did mine in air fryer Xmas day as my oven broke – it was soooo good – I put some water in the bottom to keep it moist. I did seal it though.”

One commenter swears by her air fryer roast. Rox Brown wrote: “Do my whole Sunday roast in my air fryers.”

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