Look: This Super Bowl Stat Is Bad News For Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs

Super Bowl LVII is basically a pick ’em between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs. But one stat suggests that Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs may be destined for defeat.

At the NFL Honors on Thursday, Mahomes was awarded the NFL MVP award. While it’s an exceptional accomplishment, it’s also become something of a kiss of death in recent years.

Since the turn of the century, no NFL MVP has gone on to win the Super Bowl in the same season. The last quarterback to do so was Kurt Warner with the Rams in 1999. 

The NFL MVP has done a decent job of at least getting to the Super Bowl. It’s happened nine times since the 2001 season. But none of those instances have ever resulted in a Super Bowl win. 

Trey Wingo noted that it’s only happened six times in NFL history where the regular season MVP has won Super Bowl MVP too:

But if Patrick Mahomes can buck the trend and become the seventh player to win regular season and Super Bowl MVP honors, he’ll be in elite company. All six of the players who have done so are now in the Hall of Fame too. 

Of course, Mahomes could still win the Super Bowl and not necessarily win Super Bowl MVP. On top of those six players who won both, four other players have won the regular season MVP award and the Super Bowl in a supporting role.

Can Patrick Mahomes defy recent history and lead the Chiefs to a Super Bowl win?

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