LeBron James Reportedly ‘Severely Struggling’ With Injury

For the second game in a row, the Lakers have ruled out LeBron James due to an injury. Unfortunately, it sounds like the four-time NBA champion is dealing with an issue that just won’t go away. 

Chris Haynes of Bleacher Report and TNT revealed that James is “severely struggling” with a foot injury. 

Haynes said James’ injury limited on Tuesday night, albeit he still scored 38 points against the Thunder.

“I was told LeBron was severely struggling with that foot injury he has,” Haynes said. “It gets to points where it just gets unbearable and he plays through it… The way it’s explained to me is that might be something that lingers all season long, but it reached the dire point.”

It certainly doesn’t help that James is averaging 36.4 minutes per game at this stage in his career. 

Maybe, just maybe, James’ foot injury will recover in time for him to lead the Lakers to the postseason. 

For now, it sounds like Los Angeles will have to battle the rest of the Western Conference without its top playmaker.

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