Dancing on Ice star unveils horror injuries after ‘breaking ribs’ in training

Danniella Westbrook has taken a look back at her stint on Dancing on Ice, recalling the number of horrific injuries she sustained during training.

The former EastEnders star, 49, took part in the popular ITV show back in 2010, where she was paired with professional skater Matthew Gonzalez.

Taking part in a Facebook Live with The Daily Star, Danniella discussed the injuries she sustained while in training for the show, which included broken rips.

She told the publication: “I broke three ribs, I ripped my tendon in my leg, and twisted my knee and popped it out of the knee cap.

“That was all in rehearsal but I managed to skate every week your skating partner is like your therapist” she continued.

Danniella added that there were others who had it worse them her, telling the outlet: “There were people who had a lot worse than me, the pro skaters skate with injuries all the time. To go on a show like that and not experience every level of it, I felt like I did get the full experience that way.”

Danniella’s admission comes after Joey Essex and Siva Kaneswaran both discussed injuries they sustained during training before their debuts on the show this year.

In an appearance on This Morning, Joey revealed that he almost lost a finger during rehearsals.

Explaining how the injury occurred, Joey said: “It was actually the first day of meeting the guys. It was yeah, it was a bit of a disaster, to be honest.

“I went backwards over my finger and we were actually talking about losing my finger at that moment in time. And then I skated off. These [cameras] weren’t even on the ice. The cameras weren’t rolling at that point.

“It was over like, skate over and there was blood everywhere. It was awful.”

While Siva revealed that he had suffered a head injury that left him with mild concussion, just days before the show started.

Talking to press, the musician said: “Friday just passed, I had a serious fall. I hit the back of my head. So I’ve been diagnosed in a mild concussion as of today [Wednesday 11th Jan].

“It can really shake your confidence, especially when you just crack your head on the ice. But I expected this and we’re just trying to stay focused and determined and I know that this is part of the whole journey.”


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