The South London Sainsbury’s shoppers have stopped visiting because there’s ‘so many parking fines and beggars’

Locals are boycotting a South London Sainsbury’s because there’s ‘so many parking fines and beggars’. The Bromley superstore has faced a torrent of online backlash after it allegedly implemented a new parking system, which customers say ‘doesn’t work’.

But despite the broken machines the supermarket giant has reportedly been quick to dish out fines, leaving many residents saying they won’t be shopping there any longer. Taking to a community Facebook group to vent their frustrations, one person wrote: “The Bromley store, having introduced a new parking scheme, is shedding customers due to the unreliable system of controlling parking and the very reliable system of issuing fines.

“Additionally, as there are now no attendants and aggressive beggars are singling out lone women as they return to their cars! Well done #Sainsbury’s.” Others were quick to chime in and share their own experiences with the system.

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One wrote: “Yup, their own machines don’t work and then we get fines through the post. Currently waiting on an appeal but won’t be paying it anyway. Definitely not shopping there whilst those machines are still there.”

Another added: “All the parking machines have been taken offline, I wonder why…?” A third said: “Then I refuse to shop there. They will soon get the message.”

Many were suggesting alternatives to Sainsbury’s to avoid the fines. One person wrote: “Shop in small convenience shops or independent stores. There are plenty of them around. The Village Store in Freelands Road is being extended.”

A second offered: “Go to Tesco Holmsdale Road. No charges there!” A third declared: “Let’s all go to Lidl instead.”

MyLondon has contacted Sainsbury’s for comment.

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