Sean Payton, Russell Wilson have dinner with NFL great

New Broncos head coach Sean Payton and quarterback Russell Wilson set down for their first conversation as coach and quarterback. From all indications, it went well. Wilson even captured the moment by calling it “Date Night.” The pair was joined b ypop star Ciara and Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana.

Payton, as many already know, was hired as the Broncos‘ head coach a few weeks ago.

Maybe Montana was there to give Wilson some much-needed advice or a pep talk.

Payton has expressed through the media how things will be different now that he is the head coach.

This past season, Wilson was repeatedly called out for his diva-like behavior with his teammates. Many felt that affected his team this year. Wilson apparently had his own entourage and did separate activities away from the team.

Payton seemed to recently indicate that is about to change. One of the reasons he was brought in was basically he was the architect who made Drew Brees a star when they were in New Orleans.

His job is to try to return the former Super Bowl champion back to form. But the first thing Payton is going to have to do is to change Wilson’s attitude. He’ll have to let him know he’s the boss, not Wilson.

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