Prince William ‘trying to accept he lost brother he once knew’ as Harry reunion confirmed

Schofield suggested the Prince of Wales is working on accepting the brother he grew up with and worked alongside him has changed.

She said: “He is trying to accept the fact that he lost the brother he knew forever.

“This is a heartache that he hasn’t felt since the loss of his mother… only heightened by a sense of betrayal.”

The To Di For Daily host suggested William is avoiding as much as possible talks about Prince Harry because the situation “upsets” him.

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She told Fox News Digital: “The Prince of Wales has inherited his father’s temper so he prefers not to dwell on the topic because it does make him upset.”

However, was able to reveal on Friday that Prince William may soon have to set aside his spat with Prince Harry as the Sussexes will be invited to the King’s coronation in May.

A Whitehall insider told this outlet Charles III has included his youngest son and his wife on the guest list but plans are in motion to ensure the spotlight remains on the Royal Family.

They said: “They’re on the list and planning is well underway to make sure the proceedings run as smooth as possible – without any drama.”

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But a source close to the Prince of Wales warned William still “needs to calm down” after his younger brother levelled a series of explosive allegations at him in his memoir.

The Duke of Sussex went as far as claiming he had a physical confrontation with his brother after he allegedly branded Meghan Markle “rude and difficult.”

The source said: “William has been painted as a hothead and unsympathetic. I don’t think he will back down – it’s whether they can move beyond it and accept that they view things differently.”

The Prince of Wales reportedly expressed concerns about conversations had with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex being leaked to the press after the couple cited private discussions among royals in their interviews and in Harry’s memoir.



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In Spare, the Duke of Sussex paraphrased and quoted content contained in a text exchange between Meghan Markle and Kate, the Princess of Wales.

Commentator Richard Fitzwilliams said: “It was reported that William was enraged by behaviour that indicated the Sussexes had become totally untrustworthy.

“Anything said to them might find its way into the media. It’s my understanding he was sceptical of the benefits of inviting them to the coronation.”

The royal expert said that “King Charles was extremely concerned, especially by the attacks on his wife Camilla in Spare.”

Fitzwilliams continued: “However, reports indicated that he intended to press ahead with inviting them to the coronation, though invitations have yet to be sent out.

“Harry indicated when promoting Spare that whether they attended the coronation was an issue yet to be settled.

He added: “The Sussexes want to talk to the Royal Family and get some form of recognition of what they believe they suffered.”

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