Nicola Bulley witness who saw red van near where she disappeared breaks silence

A witness who saw the red van police investigating the disappearance of Nicola Bulley are hunting has broken their silence. The witness discussed seeing the vehicle – branded “shabby” and “tatty” – as police launch a hunt for the owner.

Cops confirmed on Friday they were tracing the vehicle as part of their enquiries into the disappearance of missing dog walker Nicola, aged 45, who vanished two weeks ago. A tree surgeon who uses a ramshackle barn where the red van was spotted near where Nicola vanished has spoken.

Denis Rowlandson said to the Sun: “I rent the barn to store woodcuts to dry out and I sell them as fire logs. I don’t know anybody with a red van who should be parked outside that barn or near the entrance. I don’t know of anybody at all with a red van.

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“There’s no reason to go into that barn unless you’re nicking logs or up to no good. There’s no reason to be there at all without my permission, there’s nothing else there.” Yesterday, a concerned resident had come forward saying they spotted a suspicious-looking vehicle, believed to be a Renault, outside a barn in St Michael’s on Wyre on the day Nicola went missing.

The 55-year-old witness, who had not been named, told the Times they saw the “tatty red van in Hall Lane outside a barn”. “I didn’t think anything at the time, but when I saw Nicola had gone missing, I called 101 and spoke to an operator,” the witness said.

“I contacted the police again on Friday and spoke to a police officer. It could have been a Renault van.” The St Michaels on Wyre resident said the vehicle was the “sort of van you can live in”.

A man in his 50s told The Sun : “It was a shabby-looking van, an older model, the kind you can live or work in. It was on a quiet lane near a barn, with a couple of houses dotted around.

“Obviously, I don’t know whether this van is related to Nicola’s disappearance. All I know is that something grabbed my attention. I felt compelled to tell the police about it.”

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