Elderly cat, 16, left so stressed by owners she became dangerously thin finally finds happy home

A 16-year-old Domestic Short Hair cat that became so stressed in her last house that she lost a dangerous amount of weight has finally found a happy home. Kitty was given over to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in December due to the stress from the busyness of her previous home.

Since arriving at the charity’s London centre, Kitty became more confident and loved to show off her bold personality to all of the cattery staff. Her appetite also swiftly returned, and she was particularly fond of munching on tasty treats.

The sweet cat stole the hearts of everyone she met at Battersea and loved nothing more than giving plenty of cheek rubs and snuggling on the laps of her favourite people. After spending over a month waiting to find her perfect match, Kitty met Alex and Emily, who fell in love with her cheeky quirks and loveable nature.

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Since starting her new life in her London home, Kitty quickly settled in and has enjoyed spending her retirement snuggled up on the sofa between her new owners. Despite being an older lady, she has also discovered her playful side and loves playing chase games with string toys, which are shortly followed by a mammoth nap session in any patch of sun she can find.

Alex and Emily said: “Since bringing Kitty home, she has settled in so well and by the evening of her first day at home, she was snuggled on our laps watching TV with us. We love her sweet personality and she is so great with new people.

“She will come over to visitors straight away and gives everyone head bumps whilst showing off her signature extraordinarily loud purr. We can’t thank Battersea enough for the seamless rehoming process and for everything that their wonderful staff and volunteers have done to help Kitty. We absolutely adore her.”

Despite their grace and charm, older cats can often be overlooked when people are wanting a new pet, said Battersea. However, they are just as cute, quirky and loving as their younger counterparts.

Rescuing an adult cat means you will have a much better idea of their personality, their likes and dislikes and how they will behave in the home. By rehoming an older cat from a rescue centre like Battersea, you will be safe in the knowledge that your new pet is the right fit for you and your lifestyle.

If you think you could offer a loving home to an older cat like Kitty, visit the Battersea website for more information: https://www.battersea.org.uk/

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