EastEnders fans say the same thing as Phil shares unusual habit during tense scene

EastEnders viewers were baffled as they tuned in to see gangster Phil Mitchell sitting down for lunch with his fiancée Kat Slater as well as local business owners, Suki and Nish Panesar.

Their meeting comes after weeks of tensions between the family and explosive scenes which saw Vinny Panesar break into one of Phil’s chicken shops causing maximum damage.

In retaliation, Phil ordered somebody to loot the Minute Mart, leaving the Panesar’s enraged.

But Phil and Kat later went for lunch at the Panesar house, with Nish instantly making a swipe towards Phil who has openly struggled with alcohol addiction.

Nish commented: “You don’t look like a non-drinker…”

But as the four sat down for lunch, Kat decided to take her jacket off while Phil decided to keep his leather coat on as they tucked into some homecooked food.

Following the awkward moment, fans flocked to social media to share their thoughts with one writing: “Phil’s kept his coat on for lunch, he ain’t planning on staying long #EastEnders.”

While a second tweeted: “Phil looks like he’s getting ready to do a runner with his coat still on #EastEnders.”

“Phil Mitchell eats a curry In a leather coat. He must be boiling #EastEnders,” commented a third.

Nish has had his eyes set on taking over various businesses on Albert Square in recent months, including a failed deal to take ownership of The Arches.

However, he now wants to get his hands on Phil’s string of chicken shops and it appears he won’t stop at anything to get Phil’s signature on a contract.

But it isn’t just Phil that Nish has annoyed on the Square, with his wife Suki being left enraged after discovering he went behind her back to eye up business ventures.

Suki, the matriach of the family had held the businesses and family together while Nish served time but faced a brutal verbal attack from her husband when she confronted him.

Nish fumed: “You are the reason that two of our kids aren’t here with us now and if you carry on like this, you’re going to push Vinny and Ash away too…

“My kids, they respect me, can you say the same about you? I’m just trying to do what I can to put our family back on top. I thought that’s what you wanted too and you know how far I’m willing to go to make that happen.

“We’re better working together. I know you enjoyed defending me against Phil, I could see it, the two of us as a team, as a family, we’re unstoppable – so you tell me are you with me, or not?”

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