Chef’s bacon hack so ‘the fat is perfectly nice and crispy’ is a ‘game changer’

Chef Roice Bethel posts his genius and delicious recipes on his TikTok account @noflakeysalt, where he has an enormous 785.1K followers and a whopping 22M likes. He posted a strange bacon hack he claims makes for “perfectly crispy” rashers.

The professional cook, who aims to simplify cooking and make it fun, told his followers: “If you want perfectly crispy bacon you need to boil it, I know that sounds like it wouldn’t work, but it does.”

Explaining the science behind the hack, Roice said: “So there are two parts to every strip of bacon. There’s the muscle, which is the dark part and there’s the fat, which is the white part. Muscle cooks extremely quickly, and then there’s the fat which takes a long time to render out.”

So, how does Roice cook his bacon?

He explained: “Cold bacon goes into a cold pan. Add just enough water to cover your bacon. The water prevents your bacon from getting too hot, which gives the fat time to render out.

“So the muscle and the fat finish cooking at the same exact time. Once the water completely evaporates the bacon is nice and crispy. The meat is not overcooked or burnt and the fat is perfectly nice and crispy.”

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Not everyone was impressed by the hack. In fact, some were quite offended. Mike Oxbig733 wrote: “I’m calling the police.”

Vincent Calvin said: “Boiled out the best part of bacon…. the flavor!!”

But some tried the hack and claimed it worked perfectly. One wrote: “Ommmmmmmggggg! tried this morning and game changer.” [sic]

Tonino Perez said: “I’m going to try it right now, I’ll let you know how it goes.” He later confirmed: “Came out amazing.”

There was some fierce debate on the best method to cook bacon overall. John said: “Baked bacon is by far the best bacon ever. Hands down.” Yar, on the other hand, wrote: “George Foreman grill, eight to 10 minutes. It’s perfect and the cleanup is so easy.”

Steve Neville said: “I’ll try this method. I normally line a pan with foil, lay the bacon out and put in cold oven, cook at 400 until your likeness.”

Cody Ferrell said: “Three minutes in the microwave between two sheets of paper towels will do the same thing.”


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