Aldi shoppers complain of ‘crap’ change but fans insist it’s ‘brilliant’

Aldi shoppers have taken to a forum to hit out at a change from the retailer. Water bottles sold by Aldi, as well as other companies, now come with lids that stay attached to the bottle.

The move to keep the lid attached to the bottle is better for the environment, as it improves chances of it all getting recycled. Coca-Cola recently made a similar change..

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However, some shoppers have been left frustrated by the change. One unhappy person, Chris, wrote on a shopping Facebook group: “Anyone else feel as frustrated as me with these new water bottles from Aldi? Each time I open them I get soaked and struggling to close the lid, not to mention how thin the plastic is! Absolutely crap – bring back the old ones Aldi!!”

On the flipside, many shoppers were happy with the change and how it benefits the environment. Karen wrote: “Simple – don’t buy water in plastic bottles. Better for your pocket & environment – happy days.”

Likewise, Linda said: “The lids are brilliant. They stay attached by a small amount of plastic meaning you don’t lose it, so don’t try to remove it, just bend it right back when you drink.”

However, Sam said: “Agree! I always reuse water bottles to help the planet but these are awful! They go straight in the recycling bin after 1 use.”


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