Super Bowl Champion makes bold Patrick Mahomes prediction

The week of the Super Bowl is when current and former NFL players tend to fire off some takes and offer up lofty comparisons. Consider Victor Cruz, for example. The former New York Giants wide receiver and Super Bowl XLVI Champion is ready to put Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes in the same breath as some of the all-time greats. 

In a recent interview with Fox News Digital, Cruz said that Mahomes would put himself in “Joe Montana” status with a win over the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday.

“I think he’ll be in the conversation. Two Bowls, five AFC Championship appearances. They’re starting to call the AFC Championship ‘The Mahomes Game,’” Cruz recently told Fox News. “He’s always in it, always competitive, always playing, always putting his team in position to make it to the next phase. He’ll be in that conversation in the upper pantheon, but I think he’s gotta win one more.”

Cruz isn’t stopping at just one more title, though, as Mahomes will appear in his third Super Bowl in Year 6 of his NFL career. Cruz believes that not only can Mahomes reach “Montana status,” but he can also have the same level of longevity and success as Tom Brady’s career due to his sheer talent.

“And who knows – he’s still young. He can make it to another couple. Who knows, man? He’s the only one left that can have that Tom Brady-esque type of career, because he’s still young, he can still do it with his arm, and he can use his legs when he wants to,” Cruz added. “He’s still got that hose of an arm, he’s still talented and smart, and as long as he can stay connected to Andy Reid and that staff, I think they can do some good things for many years to come.”

It remains to be seen if Patrick Mahomes will be looked upon as Montana and Brady. Though another Super Bowl win — which would be his second — this Sunday will certainly have him trending in that direction, according to Cruz.

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