Savvy mum shares genius hack for drying washing in 2 hours – and you don’t need to use the tumble dryer

A savvy mum has shared a genius way of drying washing in two hours. Due to rising bills, we’re all feeling the pinch and looking to save money where we can.

The tumble dryer is a big energy guzzler, so many of us are looking for other ways to dry our washing on a budget. Thankfully, there’s plenty of people out there sharing their tips and tricks to do just that.

Mum Chloe Jane Farrow has gone viral on TikTok with her ‘brilliant’ idea, the Mirror reports. Chloe, who has more than 700 followers on her account @chloejanefarrow asks: “Do you ever get sick of wet washing lying around?”

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She explained: “I always put my clothes horse in the bath out of the way. Turn my dehumidifier on and will be dry in a couple of hours.”

Since posting, the TikTok user’s video has surpassed a whopping 240,000 views to date. And others were seriously impressed.

One person gushed: “This is genius!!” “Omg why didn’t I think of that?” One person questioned.

A third agreed: “What a good idea why didn’t I think of that?” Meanwhile, someone else claimed that they were eager to try the new method first-hand: “This is brilliant idea going to try it x.”

A different TikToker claimed they were already undergoing the easy method: “I do that. Bathroom always seems warmer.”

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