Nicola Bulley friends say there are only two explanations for her disappearance

Friends of missing mum Nicola Bulley have shared the “two reasons” she may have vanished. Pals lining the streets in St Michael’s on Wyre on Friday – a fortnight on from Ms Bulley vanishing – have discussed the ongoing search with reporters.

One mum – who is pals with the missing dog walker – said there were only two explanations. The mum, who was standing on the side of the road holding a poster with Nicola’s face on it, told the MailOnline “I know Nicola and there are only two possibilities, that she was abducted or fell in the river as the police believe.”

The mum continued: “There is no way that Nicola would have gone off on her own and left her daughters behind. No one knows at the moment and that is why we are here to make people aware.” The pals held up placards featuring her photograph, in a plea to “bring Nikki home” and appealing for information.

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Heather Gibbons, a family friend who attended the church vigil, said: “It’s the hub in the community, it’s a place where we’ve frequently been with Nikki. She would often be here with her girls and with Paul. So yes, I’m sat in there thinking of the times where I’ve sat next to her, in the church, and really wishing I could go back … just, yeah, wishing she was here.

“That’s exactly what it is, it’s an agonising wait, it’s almost a hell above hell, because the unknown is unbearable. So, this morning at 10 o’clock we just opened the church for people to come and to light a candle, just to have a chance to come, a space to collect their thoughts, to be together.

“It’s not a vigil in that we’ve lost hope, it’s almost trying to create that moment of hope for everybody to keep supporting one another. We just needed a space to be able to think and pray and collect our thoughts for the family and for Nikki. There’s been a lovely little turnout of people who just wanted to come and have that moment. The family are on the worst rollercoaster of their lives, they are still holding on to hope, that there’s a chance we will get Nikki home safe.

“They have the same thinking that nothing is making sense. They are just desperate for some evidence that will pinpoint exactly what has happened.” Mrs Gibbons added: “At the moment the police have been clear as to what their working hypothesis is, but it is exactly that, it is a hypothesis.

“I have spoken to police along with other friends and family and they have made it clear all avenues are still open. They are encouraging everyone to keep open-minded, the words were, they have not got their blinkers on. We are hopeful, we’re still holding on to hope.”

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