McDonald’s to bring back fan-favourite menu addition – and it’s here to stay

Calling all McDonald’s fans: there’s a beloved item coming back to the fast-food chain next week – and it’s going to be a permanent addition.

The restaurant chain has announced it will be bringing back the McSpicy burger on February 15, and will become the second chicken burger to find a permanent home on the Maccies menu in the past year, after the McCrispy was also added to the year-round menu in October.

The McSpicy features a spicy chicken breast fillet topped with lettuce and mayo between toasted sesame seed bun, and was last featured on the menu last year when it had a limited run from April 27 until June 6.

But fans of the burger will no longer have to wait for special times of the year to tuck into the fiery feast, as from February 15 it will become the latest addition to the permanent menu.

Gráinne Allen, Director of Food and Innovation, McDonald’s UK and Ireland said: “We’re so pleased to be welcoming the McSpicy to our permanent menu across the UK and Ireland. The McSpicy brings the heat to our menu, and we hope chicken lovers across the nation are as excited about its permanence as we are.”

The McSpicy will cost £4.79 if bought on its own or can be upgraded to an extra-value meal for £6.29.

Meanwhile, when the spicy burger first hit menus for a limited time in July 2021, we sent Mirror reporter Courtney Pochin to see if the treat really was too hot to handle.

In her review, she said: “I’m going to preface this by saying my ability to handle heat is pretty average, things like jalapeño peppers and buffalo hot sauce don’t bother me, but I do tend to opt for milder dishes most of the time.

“With the McSpicy, the heat hit pretty much immediately as I swallowed the first bite and after a couple of mouthfuls I was reaching for the bottle of milk I’d been given to pair with the burger.

“My mouth got hotter and hotter as I ate and by the last few mouthfuls, the rest of my face also felt like it had warmed up and I was a little worried I’d turned bright red in the middle of the restaurant.

“I wouldn’t go as far as to say my mouth was on fire at any point, but the McSpicy was definitely on the warmer end of the scale for me.”

The McSpicy will be the latest permanent chicken burger to be added to the McDonald’s menu, following the McCrispy – which launched in October and was the first permanent chicken burger for 15 years.

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