Great Yarmouth bomb sees huge WW2 device blow up as smoke billows

Dramatic pictures have shown the moment an unexploded mom in Great Yarmouth detonated during attests to disarm it. The device exploded during slow burn out work aimed at rendering it harmless.

All army and emergency service personnel have been accounted for and damage is currently being assessed.

Norfolk Constabulary’s Assistant Chief Constable Nick Davison and strategic co-ordinating group chair said: “As previously stated, there was always a risk of unintended detonation which is why those mitigation measures had been put in place throughout the operation.

“The device detonated shortly after work had started to disarm the device.

“The approach had been the safest option to disarm the device.

“However, it always carried a risk of unintended detonation.

“Thankfully, all personnel have been accounted for and agencies are coming together to assess damage to the river wall.”

The World War 2 device is believed to have been spotted in the River Yare yesterday.

Norfolk County Council has said it was discovered by a contractor working on a new river crossing.

Speaking to ITV News, Yarmouth resident Jack Onyet said: “When it went off I was a bit worried because my house is so close. I was more worried about my house going up.

“Now it’s all over hopefully we can get back in the next few hours.

“It was very scary. Not many people have seen a World War Two bomb blow up and it was very scary.”

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