Dumped Islander Tanyel Revan BURNS Olivia on the way out and OUCH

Last night, Love Island, following a brutal dumping which saw new bombshell Jordan Odofin having to choose between fellow bombshell Ellie Spence and Tanyel. Jordan chose to form a friendship couple with Ellie, leaving Tanyel single and dumped.

Which means we’ve lost Tanyel and Zara Lackenby-Brown in the same week, which is not the vibe we want to go into the weekend with, tbh.

On the plus side, it means these two telly icons have now been unleashed upon the outside world and are free to rant and throw shade on any media outlets they wish.

Seriously, Zara has been the gift that keeps on giving this week (make sure you check out Zara’s exclusive interview with heat on heat Dates below), and from the looks of her exit interview with ITV producers, Tanyel is set to follow suit.

Which means Olivia Hawkins best duck and cover in the coming days (even if they are 8,000 miles away).

After three weeks of getting to know this OG, we’ve learned that she rarely minces words, so naturally we were excited to see that producers had thrown this question at Tanyel upon her exit, “You were coupled up with Kai. What do you think of Kai and Olivia’s relationship?”

Fans of the show will know that Tanyel and Kai were pretty tight during their first two weeks in the villa, but that all hit the fan when Kai’s head was turned by bombshell, Samie Elishi. When that fizzled out, he started pursuing Olivia.

Tanyel responded to the question in the most Tanyel way, saying, “In the beginning I was concerned. I thought, ‘He only liked Samie the day before.’ He really fancied Samie so that took me by surprise when he then turned his attention to Olivia. He never mentioned that he fancied her [to me]. I just don’t know if it will last.”

In the days leading up to Tanyel’s cringe af dumping, things naturally grew a tad frosty between her and Olivia as she seemingly grew closer and closer to Kai. As such, we call shade on the quote above (that doesn’t mean it’s not true, mind) and look forward to the inevitable gems that Tanyel will be gifting us with in the coming days.

And to be fair to Tanyel, she’s hardly the first Islander to come to this conclusion. Joining Harriet Rose for an episode of heat Dates, Zara revealed that Olivia and Kai had absolutely “no vibe” in the villa. During a chit-chat about whether she thought there was a vibe between the new couple, she responded bluntly, “No”.

She continued, “I’ll be straight up with you; I did not see that coming.

“And I don’t know if they’re together just because it’s convenient or maybe if they just have this budding love that was just dead for the whole time I was there and completely sparked when I left.”

Oh, to be a fly on the wall when Zara and Tanyel reunite this week 🔥🔥.

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