CFB world reacts to conflicting Brian Kelly reports

Walk into a sports bar and mention the name Brian Kelly and be prepared for a lengthy debate. You’ll hear his defenders bring up his great record. His detractors will bring up his poor big-game record. Kelly is a polarizing guy and that’s all par for the course with him. But on Thursday, a debate emerged regarding a topic that seems pretty cut and dry — the LSU football coach’s marital status.

On Thursday, Emily Davison of WBRZ in Baton Rouge reported that  “LSU head football coach Brian Kelly has filed for divorce from his wife of 28 years, according to court records.”

“Kelly filed a petition for divorce from Francisca Craig Kelly on Monday, and they were set to physically separate on Thursday,” the report added. “The two were married in July 1994 and have three adult children.”

So, that seems pretty straightforward. Only, one of those “three adult children” had a different take on the matter.

Grace Kelly, Brian and Francisca’s daughter, responded to WBRZ’s tweet of Kelly’s divorce article with a photo of her parents and the caption, “Things look fine to me.”

Her brother, Patrick, tweeted a similar message, posting a photo of his parents walking arm-in-arm and saying “fake news.”

This drew some interesting responses.

Kelly’s first season at LSU after 12 years at Notre Dame was a mixed bag. The Tigers won the SEC West and finished the season with a 10-4 overall record, going 6-2 in conference play. That was a marked improvement from the 6-7 overall and 3-5 conference record that LSU had in 2021. But the Tigers were routed by Georgia in the SEC Championship Game and Kelly’s coaching came under fire the week before in a loss to Texas A&M.

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UPDATE: After reporting that Kelly had filed for divorce, WBRZ updated the story on Twitter, saying “After a divorce petition was filed this week, a source in the LSU athletic department says Brian Kelly and his wife have reconciled and will seek to have the case withdrawn from the courts.”

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