Investigation Launched Into Alleged Mascot, Fan Incident

The Florida Panthers have reportedly launched an investigation into Monday night’s incident between their mascot and a Tampa Bay Lightning fan.

The fan in question was seen pulling the mascot’s shirt over its head before putting his arm around the defenseless panther and screaming “Go Bolts!” as the Lightning trailed 7-1.

Nobody seemed to intervene and there was little to no response from Panthers’ security, leading some to believe that the interaction was staged. However, that was reportedly not the case.

Fans reacted to the spat on social media.

“That’s a legit assault. Why is no one doing anything?” a user asked.

“Bro if I was that mascot, I turn that hockey game into a WWE match,” another said.

“Assaulting a mascot who’s doing their job???? You just know this is the type of loud, unruly ‘fan’ who takes the game way too seriously and wouldn’t think twice about attacking an opposing fan for cheering.”

Should be interesting to see what the team finds.

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