Football World Reacts To Marvin Harrison Jr’s Announcement

On Wednesday afternoon, the football world became aware of a piece of memorabilia from the Georgia-Ohio State playoff game.

Javon Bullard leveled Marvin Harrison Jr in a controversial play that left Harrison out for the rest of the game. Just over a month later, a signed photo of the play was floating around social media.

“A Georgia memorabilia company is selling a signed print of Javon Bullard’s hit on Marvin Harrison Jr. with Bullard’s inscription ‘Night Night.’ Harrison suffered a concussion on this play,” the post read with a photo showing the hit and details of the offering.

Well, Harrison saw the post and decided to comment on it. He’s taking notes.

“‘Night night’ lol bet,” he said on Twitter.

Football fans know Harrison is set for big things next season.

“If Ohio State has an above average QB then Harrison bout to go crazy,” one fan responded.

“Don’t piss off Marv. Watch out,” added another.

“they just pissed off the best receiver in college football,” said a third.

The football world has to be hoping that Ohio State and Georgia face off in the playoff once again – just to see what Harrison would do.

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