Earthquake felt just outside of London as locals say their houses were shaking

An earthquake was felt just outside of London this morning.

Locals near Chelmsford in Essex – not far from London’s Stratford – said they felt a rumbling, with others even claiming their homes were left shaking. The British Geological Society confirmed it was an earthquake, taking place in the twilight hours at 5am.

It registered a magnitude of 2.6 and a depth of 8km at its epicentre – the quaint village of Bicknacre. Any magnitude between 2.5 and 5.4 usually means an earthquake can be felt, but damage is minimal.

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Some locals said it was like “a massive loud rumbling/earthquake sound”, while others remarked it was like “fighter jets rumbling across the sky.”

Other reports claim that whole houses were shaking, while another said their radiator was vibrating.

But it didn’t reach everyone, as one Chelmsford resident laughed that they’d ‘slept through it’.

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