Businessman builds wall of scaffolding to blockade ‘badly parked’ car by warehouse entrance

A frustrated businessman resorted to using scaffolding to block in a car which had parked ‘badly’ outside the entrance to his warehouse. 

Colin Shaw became fed up of dealing with cars parking in front of the entrance to his warehouse on Stewart Street in Seaham, County Durham despite a clear ‘no parking sign’ and decided to take matters into his own hands. 

Having seen yet another car blocking the entrance this week, the business owner set about constructing a makeshift scaffolding blockage around the vehicle in the hopes of teaching its own a lesson. 

The director of Shaw Scaffolding Service left a business sign for the driver to find when they returned to their vehicle alongside a list of phone number to discuss their parking. 

Mr Shaw claims the poorly parked car and the subsequent confrontation with the driver put him behind with his work.   

‘It’s not the first time it’s happened to my allotment where I store my materials, we have ‘no parking’ signs but people won’t adhere to them,’ he said. 

‘I went to get some materials from there to do a job, and I couldn’t get in properly to get my equipment out due to somebody parking their car there, even though it was all signposted.

‘I need to be in there 24 hours a day, so to teach them a lesson, I put scaffolding up around his car so he couldn’t move it.

‘He could have cost me a day’s wage and my two men, we had work to do and it slowed us up a bit.

‘People in the street were coming out watching and laughing, the woman next door couldn’t believe what we were doing, she was laughing along.’

Mr Shaw, who likened his actions to wheel-clamping, said he put up the scaffolding to help the driver to understand his frustrations. 

When he finally came face to face with the driver, who did not see the funny side of things, the two discussed the issue and parted amicably, with Mr Shaw tearing down the makeshift scaffolding to let the driver leave. 

Mr Shaw said he and the driver came to an agreement that if they parked outside the warehouse again, they would inform him to ensure they were not in the way of his business operating smoothly.  

‘It all ended okay, we’re all quite happy,’ Mr Shaw said. 

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