BBC Breakfast viewers in hysterics at really obvious point about shopping which is ‘not exactly rocket science’

BBC Breakfast viewers were baffled by a report which concluded supermarkets are cheaper than convenience stores. The segment just before 7am aired new research from consumer group Which? that found a weekly shop at Tesco Express was £15 more than its larger counterpart, and around £9 more for Sainsbury’s Local.

But for many viewers, the ‘new research’ was hardly a revelation and they piled onto social media to let the Beeb know. Gareth Allan tweeted: “Did people seriously not realise this? It’s been like this for years. The small branches of the large supermarkets always charge more for the sample item.”

Alan Cummings wrote: “Not exactly rocket science. It may have only just dawned on the BBC – but we the great un-washed general public worked this one out for ourselves ages ago. That’s why shops such as these were call convenience stores. They were handy – but carried a premium.”

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Hannah added: “So convenience shops are more expensive than supermarkets. Amazing! Did you pay for that research, or did it come from the no brainer academy?” Stefa Barnes said: “Paying a premium for convenience. Smaller stores need to charge more to cover costs with much lower footfall. Why is this a story?”

Other viewers reacted by sharing how they get manage their weekly shop. Margo Baillie said: “If I shop in my local convenience shop I buy exactly the few items I need. If I shop in the supermarket I nearly always see and buy stuff not on my list and spend more money.”

Some viewers were a little bit cross too. Lynne Currie said: “Boycott local Tesco and Sainsbury’s as these stores may charge up to 40 per cent more for some products. This practice should he outlawed. These supermarkets already make enough money out of shoppers. Buy groceries online if you don’t live near a supermarket.”

The reason for the difference in price is largely down to operating costs, which for smaller stores in city centres where rents are high is much steeper. Smaller stores also get smaller loads of stock which increases the distribution cost for the supermarket, bumping up prices. And of course supermarkets are a business, so convenience comes with a price tag.

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