Marks and Spencer shoppers slam ‘overpriced’ £4.55 ‘value’ Full English with only four ingredients

Marks and Spencer shoppers are slamming the supermarket as “overpriced” after it shared a “value” Full English with only four ingredients. The £4.55 recipe was posted on M&S’s Instagram account (@marksandspencer) and is said feed three to four people.

This would put the M&S meal’s cost per serving at a wallet-friendly £1.14 or £1.51, depending on how many you’re feeding. However, customers were nonetheless frustrated to discover the recipe excluded some key ingredients.

Traditionally, a hot English breakfast consists of bacon, eggs, sausages, tomatoes, mushrooms and either fried bread or buttered toast. Black pudding, hash browns and baked beans are frequently added to the plate as well.

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Marks and Spencer began the caption with “Value Alert!” followed by “At M&S, we have all the ingredients you need to make a delicious hot breakfast for 3-4 people for under £5!” plus the hashtag #fullenglish. But in M&S’s video, only eggs (£1), sausages (£2), beans (70p) and a loaf of white bread (85p) made it into the cart – leaving shoppers a mix of confused and outraged.

“Is this half a cooked breakfast or is it a egg and sausage sandwich with a side order of beans. Unsure what the message is here,” asked one fan. A second said: “That aint feeding an average uk family [laughing-crying emoji] 5 beans and a sausage and a half.”

Another user wrote: “Over priced sorry M&S ALDI all day and you’d get the bacon too.” The lack of bacon in particular seemed to irk many Brits, with more than a dozen taking to the comments to point out it was missing.

“What’s a cooked breakfast without bacon???? Pointless,” wrote one follower, while a second said: “The most important part of the breakfast is missing…….BACON.” Other comments included “Where’s the bacon??”, “No bacon tho”, “Oi where’s the bacon”, “My mind is thinking where’s the bacon”, “Bacon” and “No bacon or mushrooms”.

However, the budget hot breakfast recipe idea was a hit with other M&S shoppers. “This is so impressive,” said one fan of the supermarket – while others called it “The best supermarket” and “My favourite shop”.

Others added “Everyone in this country, even the critics, deep inside know that when it comes to food M&S is the best” and “Very critical people here.. I could have two sausage.. beans. Egg and a couple of slices of toast for 4 people.. Good quality.. luvverly taste.” The retailer’s own-brand white bread loaf also received repeated praise as the “best” supermarket version out there.

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