Look: Colin Kaepernick’s New Job Is Going Viral

10 years after he took the 49ers to the Super Bowl and seven years after playing his final NFL snap, Colin Kaepernick is continuing his fight against racial inequality and police brutality.

The former NFL quarterback is devoting his “time, money, care and a painstaking attention to detail” to fact-checking police killings through independent autopsies.

Kaepernick launched the Know Your Rights Camp Autopsy Initiative in February 2022.

“The objective of the Autopsy Initiative (“Initiative”) is to provide a second autopsy free-of-charge for victims’ families who have lost their loved ones due to a police-related death. The services offered through the Initiative include the completion of a second autopsy, disclosure of preliminary findings, and issuance of the final autopsy report,” the website’s description reads.

Sports Illustrated’s Alex Prewitt wrote a feature on this initiative ahead of this year’s Super Bowl.

While the NFL ultimately turned its back on Kaepernick, the former quarterback is finding meaningful work outside the game of football.

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