London Underground: Londoners slam ‘horrible’ new Bakerloo line trains and want the old ones back

Londoners have slammed the new layout of Bakerloo line trains. It came after one commuter shared a photo of the new seating online.

Speaking on Reddit, they shared a snap of a Bakerloo line carriage. Instead of seats facing each other in the line’s classic foursomes, they had been seemingly replaced with standing areas.

Londoners quickly took to the comments to express their outrage. One wrote: “I imagine their thinking is less seating equals more space for standing and therefore a higher passenger count per train…and if that’s the case then they should at least offer more grab rails.”

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“I like how old the current cars are,” another said. “Gives the Bakerloo line so much charm. The fact they’re still looking and running so well for 50+ year old trains is impressive. I weirdly like the brown colour scheme too.”

One person wondered: “Why so few seats? It’s horrible. I love the current cute old-fashioned round little Bakerloo line trains.”

Plenty more people took issue with the new lack of seating as one person said: “That middle bit where your shoulders have nothing to lean on as the train rocks you about will be annoying. I don’t like it.

“To be honest any design with less seats I’m just not going to like.” Another Londoner joked “They should just put in sofas so more people can sit.”

But some people provided a helpful speculation as one said: “I believe there are strict new regulations with regards to wheelchair access that TfL are trying to comply with.”

Another added: “Correct, they’re adding bays like this to the Central line too. Nothing to do with higher passenger count per train, it’s not a commercial conspiracy, it’s just trying to add accessibility to old stock.”

Bakerloo line trains are the oldest trains in regular passenger service in the entire country. The trains came into service in 1972 and are the least accessible on the Tube network, with a mix of sideways and forward-facing seating and level boarding at only a handful of stations.

TfL’s budget plans published in July confirmed that “Work to improve accessibility on the Bakerloo line fleet has commenced and overhauls and refurbishment of the Metropolitan, Victoria, Piccadilly and Central line fleets are ongoing.”

This will enable the current trains to continue until the end of the decade when the new trains should arrive to take over from them. By then, at almost 60 years old, the current Bakerloo line trains will be either preserved, scrapped or used for spares.

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