John Cleese warns viewers will be ‘shocked’ by censorship-free GB News show

John Cleese has teased what viewers can expect from his upcoming GB News show – and it seems as though the veteran actor won’t be holding back as he vows to ‘shock’ his audiences.

Just this week, it was announced that Fawlty Towers was making a return more than 40 years after its final episode, with Cleese rebooting the British sitcom with his daughter, Camilla Cleese.

The revival of the comedy series isn’t the only project the 83-year-old is embarking on this year, as he’s also joining the presenting line-up of GB News – which he insisted is ‘not a right wing channel’ but a ‘free speech channel’.

In a new tease ahead of its launch, Cleese claimed that his show will target a ‘much neglected demographic’ among its audience, who he joked are ‘completely out of touch’.

Filming a video with a toy tiger resting on his shoulder, he said: ‘Hello. I used to be John Cleese, and I’m going to be doing some shows for GB News for two reasons.

‘One, they want me to. And two, they want programming for viewers who are completely out of touch, a much-neglected demographic. So, stay out of touch with me.’

Cleese has said that no one will be ‘cancelled’ on his show, and no topic will be deemed ‘too controversial’ to cover on the programme.

‘You should be prepared to be shocked,’ the Monty Python star added, having previously claimed last year that when he was on the BBC, he ‘wouldn’t get five minutes into the first show before I’d be cancelled or censored’.

GB News executive producer Andrew Doyle has shared that Cleese has ‘completely creative freedom’ over his show, adding: ‘Like John himself, it will be far from predictable.’

Following the announcement of the Fawlty Towers revival, fans of the sitcom admitted that they had concerns over the 1970s show being rebooted.

‘Why and how has anyone thought a reboot of Fawlty Towers is a good idea? It’s absolute perfection and doesn’t need a modern-day rehash. Car crash waiting to happen,’ one person tweeted.

‘Uh oh. Nearly every reboot of popular 70s/80s comedy has been a letdown. And the more popular the original the bigger the letdown. Good luck with this,’ another remarked.

John Cleese’s GB News show is set to launch later this year.

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