ITV Loose Women star tells parents ‘too poor to brush children’s teeth’ to budget better

A Loose Women star has told parents who are ‘too poor to brush their children’s teeth’ to ‘budget better’. Jane Moore, 60, claimed that there should be no reason why a child is without a toothbrush or paste, and ‘poor budgeting is not an excuse’.

In the article, the journalist, who is also a regular panellist on the ITV lunchtime chat show, wrote about an experienced social worker who rang in to LBC this week to express his anger that four out five teachers had given toothbrushes and toothpaste to pupils with poor oral hygiene.

According to her, he said he had visited ‘hundreds’ of family homes and felt that ‘with a little judicious budgeting there’s no reason why a child should be without proper dental care’. He added that ‘parents should be challenged to do better’ for their children rather than being ‘encouraged to abdicate responsibility under the umbrella of poverty’, to which Jane agreed.

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“He’s right,” the Loose Women start wrote in her opinion article published in The Sun, before adding: “For every home where a child pitches up at school unwashed, unfed and with such poor oral hygiene that they become socially excluded, there’s another family in exactly the same economic circumstances whose child is looked after.”

Going on then to draw on her own childhood, Jane wrote that she bathed once a week in a tin from the shed, and that her family went without state help despite having little money. She added that her living conditions would today be classed as poverty.

However, she then went on to say that she ‘had her hair brushed neatly’ and ‘never went without a toothbrush’, despite the financial difficulties she said her family faced growing up. “Go to India’s Mumbai slums and you’ll see young children in gleaming white school shirts, hair and teeth brushed,” she wrote, before adding: “So if their parents can manage it…”

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