Heartwarming moment Asda shopper helps young lad out after he ‘can’t afford a Valentine’s card’

A kind Asda shopper helped a young lad who was “counting change” in order to buy a Valentine’s Day card that he couldn’t quite afford. Taking to a local Facebook group for Canary Wharf and Isle of Dogs residents, local Shal Adams posted the sweet story.

The post has picked up just under 500 likes and other local residents have flooded the comments section with sweet messages. Shal Adams shared the Valentine’s story, describing the boy as a “gem” after daughter Vikki Adams helped him out.

The Isle of Dogs local said: “While in the Asda card section yesterday, a young lad was counting his change on the side. I heard him say ‘Oh I’m 10p short’. He had a Valentines card in his hand and went to put it back. My daughter said to him ‘here you go I will get that for you’. That young lad couldn’t thank her enough, he was really happy and his manners afterwards really broke my heart. I hope this young lady knows she has a gem in him, whoever she is xxx.”

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Underneath Shal added: “After all, what’s £1.50? Told him to keep his money. It was all in 10p and 20p. Such a lovely young man, felt for him standing there counting his money.”

Plenty of other touched local residents took to the comments. One person wrote: “Wholesome. Let’s hope she doesn’t break his heart.” Another commented: “aww bless him! Such a kind thing to do for him too”

Taken aback at Vikki’s kindness another wrote: “Soo lovely of your daughter to do this be proud mamma you brought her up right.” One more said: “How lovely your daughter is for doing that.” In response to all the compliments her daughter was receiving, Shal responded: “In these hard times a little kindness can go a long way . Thank you for all your kind words which I will pass onto her.”

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