Football World Reacts To Terry Bradshaw’s Blunt Russell Wilson Comment

Sean Payton will coach Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos after one year as a TV analyst.

His former FOX colleague, Terry Bradshaw, had some harsh words for Payton’s new quarterback.

Per Denver’s Altitude Sports Radio, Bradshaw said Payton had “no choice” but to work with Wilson after running down all the other NFL coaching openings. 

Courtesy of The Washington Post‘s Nicki Jhabvala, Bradshaw believes Payton will succeed in Denver by creating a winning culture. That includes removing Wilson’s personal quarterback coach and private locker.

However, Bradshaw said that “doesn’t mean it’s gonna be with the people that are there.” The Hall of Famer then expressed displeasure over how much more money Wilson is making.

“He’s never going to have to do this,” Bradshaw said, referencing his media career. “His little a– is [making] $35 million a year for 10 years. S—. That makes me sick. Man alive. Three-hundred grand I made. Isn’t that sad?”

While some onlookers appreciated Bradshaw’s blunt assessment, others think he’s just bitter about Wilson’s higher salary.

“Terry is 100% spot on,” Holden Kushner of Run Pure Sports said.

“The OG TB12 tells it like it is,” a fan wrote.

“Maybe Terry’s comments about Payton/Russ are true, but there’s clearly some issues Terry has with Russ and I wouldn’t be shocked if those were driving the comments,” Broncos Insight’s Jason Bishop claimed.

“This is the signal to fade anything Terry says in the future about Russell Wilson,” Mile High Report’s Jeffrey Essary said. “He’s just green with jealous rage.”

Few could have predicted Wilson’s production tail-spinning in Denver after signing a $245 million extension. Either way, it’s not his fault star athletes are paid more than during Bradshaw’s era. 

Even a quarterback making the minimum will more than double the $300,000 the four-time Super Bowl champion referenced.

Bradshaw didn’t spend the entire media session tearing Wilson down. Per’s Andrew Mason, he also offered the quarterback some constructive advice for reviving his career.

“Listen to Sean Payton,” Bradshaw said. “He had a guy your size [Drew Brees] that was smart and ran that offense. And if you’ll study this offense under Payton, he’ll take you to that level you want to be at.”

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