Alec Baldwin May Face An Extra Five Years In Prison Due To A New Law In Rust Shooting Case

Amidst all the latest developments in the Rust shooting case, although Alec Baldwin is “reportedly prepared for all outcomes,” he’s also been described as “distraught,” though he and his wife are doing their best to “stay strong” for their children. As far as Rust itself goes, it was set to resume filming in January, but because of the charges filed against Baldwin and Hannah Gutierrez Reed, the production remains paused. In April 2022, the movie was fined $136,793, the maximum fine allowed by New Mexico state law.

We here at CinemaBlend will continue to pass along updates on where things stand with Alec Baldwin in the Rust shooting case. Among the actor’s other projects are two movies, Supercell and 97 Minutes, but neither have been dated for the 2023 release schedule.

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