“Very, very interesting” – McGilligan surprised by post-Marsch report coming out of Leeds

YouTuber Conor McGilligan has praised Leeds United part-owners the San Francisco 49ers for being “ruthless” and firing Jesse Marsch.

What’s the word?

The latest Premier League managerial sacking happened this week as the American was relieved of his duties following a 1-0 away defeat to Nottingham Forest that leaves the club perilously close to the bottom three.

However, in a report by The Athletic, it is claimed that Leeds United’s sporting director Victor Orta recently was “prominent in insisting” that Marsch should get as much time as possible amid pressure putting Marsch on “thin ice” following their defeat to Aston Villa last month.

In the end, the club ultimately decided enough was enough and McGilligan has praised the club’s hierarchy for coming to what he believes was the right decision, as he surmised that it was the 49ers that pulled the plug on Marsch’s project despite seemingly having Orta’s support.

Talking on the One Leeds Fan Channel, he said: “What I heard today on the grapevine was that apparently Victor Orta was in one of the – this is reported by The Athletic – I’m paraphrasing here, but he wanted him to stay.

“Apparently there was a majority outvoting. Apparently, the San Francisco 49ers were pretty ruthless, which is good to hear, because a lot of people saying they were marketing their man.

“And me and you were coming on here and saying, look, if they’re not happy with what’s going on, they’ll get rid.

“It sounds like, from what we’re reading, they wanted to get rid of him prior, and maybe people at Leeds didn’t want to let him go, which is very, very interesting.”

Someone else needed

It seems as though there was a bit of tension between Marsch and those who call the shots at Leeds for some time even before the sacking. Indeed, reports claim that “more than once” he was asked to say less and be less accessible to the media in terms of interviews and press conferences.

In the end, it seems as those the relationship became too strained and the results weren’t good enough to keep the American in work and so now the manager has departed.

It remains to be seen as to who will replace Marsch, with former Whites’ legendary coach Marcelo Bielsa even being touted as an option. While the now out-of-work 49-year-old has already been tipped to be the next manager of the US men’s national team.

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