Tom Brady Was Asked If There’s A Chance He’ll Play Again

Because of last year’s abrupt retirement, not everyone believes Tom Brady is done playing football.

The quarterback announced his retirement Wednesday, exactly a year removed from his first short-lived farewell. Whether it’s skepticism or hope, the NFL world is wondering if Brady will feel another change of heart.

Brady addressed the skepticism during Monday’s interview on The Herd.

“I think for me, I know in my heart how I feel,” Brady told Colin Cowherd. “I put it out of the field for 23 years, and I’m super proud of what’s been accomplished.”

While he didn’t directly answer Cowherd’s question about whether there’s even a 1 percent of returning, the 45-year-old made it clear he’s ready to turn the page on his playing career.

“I look forward to what’s ahead. Brady said. “There’s new chapters, and there’s new exciting things, and there’s new growth. There’s new opportunities. I’m really excited for what’s ahead.

“I loved my time in football, absolutely. [It’s] an incredible love in my life. It’s hard to make hard decisions like that, but it’s certainly the right time.”

Brady added further distance from comeback thoughts by telling Cowherd he plans to join FOX’s broadcasting crew for the 2024 NFL season.

Some people apparently will never be satisfied unless Brady makes a public guarantee that he won’t touch a football again. Brady acknowledged the future’s unpredictability and said he’s “good with a little bit of uncertainty” about what’s next. 

He also didn’t sound like someone having any second thoughts about his second retirement.

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