Tom Brady is coming back: ‘We’re gonna be right here…for the next two years on SiriusXM.’

Amid all the pomp and circumstance surrounding Tom Brady’s retirement surprise came the news that he’s coming back to SiriusXM.

Brady made two massive announcements about his future in the media on Monday, starting with the former quarterback revealing plans to take a gap year before joining Fox as their lead NFL analyst in 2024. But while everyone waits for his Fox career to begin, Brady already has a media gig with SiriusXM, and on Monday, he announced that the partnership will continue.

Brady is completing his second season of Let’s Go! on SiriusXM, a podcast co-hosted by Jim Gray and Larry Fitzgerald. Buried behind a retirement celebration that featured interviews and cameos from Bill Belichick, Peyton Manning, Rob Gronkowski, and Oprah Winfrey, Brady’s Let’s Go! co-host announced the show was picked up by SiriusXM for two more years.

“Hey Tommy, we have one last announcement as we wrap up the program,” Gray said. “You’re coming back. I know we just went through an hour of telling everybody you’re not coming back, but we’re gonna be right here on Let’s Go! for the next two years on SiriusXM.”

“I can’t wait,” Brady said before thanking SiriusXM president Scott Greenstein and SVP of sports programming Steve Cohen. “Thank you guys, we appreciate the support, we appreciate our fans, and look forward to many more years ahead.”

Noticeably absent from his ‘thank you’ list was any sort of gratitude for Chris “Mad Dog” Russo. Brady’s Let’s Go! show airs on Mad Dog Radio and Russo has repeatedly shared resentment over the former NFL quarterback failing to thank him for the opportunity. Russo is so irked by the snub that he admits having ignored SiriusXM “begging” him to promote Let’s Go! Brady did, however, congratulate Russo on his recent induction into the Radio Hall of Fame, which may have served as a sort of olive branch.

With or without Russo’s support, Brady is staying with SiriusXM for at least two more years, which creates an interesting timeline. Brady recently announced he will join Fox in the fall of 2024. And considering Fox is slated to pay Brady $37.5 million per year to be their lead analyst and an “ambassador” for the company, it’s surprising to see them willing to let him host a weekly podcast for a different company.

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