The London fishmonger selling giant 7ft catfish from Myanmar for ‘£30 to £40 a chunk’

A meat and fish shop in London has stocked a 7ft catfish caught “once in a blue moon” and people are buying pieces for “£30 to £40 a chunk.” The shop confirmed it’s the rarest fish they have in their store.

Ukay International Fish and Meat Bazar – which has been in Whitechapel for 12 years – recently had a huge catfish delivered to the shops front door, attracting a crowd of stunned shoppers as they watched the massive creature being hauled up in front of the store.

Shop owner Akbar Miah revealed the catfish attracts a lot of people on delivery day, but at £13.50 per kilo, the fish is quite high in price.

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Akbar said: “More people come to look at it than buy it to be honest, because it’s like £30 to £40 a chunk.” Two kilos of the huge catfish is normally sold per family “depending how many of them are going to eat it.”

On whether it improves the business for the store, Akbar explained that it brings in a crowd when they first see it outside, but once it’s inside the shop the people tend not to visit. He added: “A lot of people come to the shop when it arrives, within the last 10-12 years we’ve had about 10 big catfish – it comes once in a blue moon.” The shop owner admitted the big catfishes are “the rarest fish” he has in the store.

“Sometimes you can catch a big one, but that happens once a year though so it’s a rare thing. We put it outside for people to look at it.” On the day MyLondon visited the store there were dozens of people stopping to take photos of the one catfish which had been left outside. It was between 6 to 7ft.

The shop owner revealed that the catfish is delivered to the store through general fish wholesalers, but was originally caught off the coast of Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). “This one’s from Myanmar. We have supplies around here – the whole fish is used. The one we have now is about 7ft. This one was 110 kilos, but before we had one that was 130 kilos”, Akbar added.

The huge catch is still in stock at Ukay international Fish and Meat Bazzar and is available to purchase for £13.50 per kilo. Meaning the 110kilo fish is worth roughly around £1400.


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