Tesco worker reveals ‘hack’ for finding the freshest fruit and vegetables now that best before dates have been removed

A Tesco worker has revealed a ‘hack’ for finding the freshest produce in fruit and vegetable aisles despite the supermarket having removed best before dates. Taking to TikTok, the in-the-know member of staff wrote: “Tesco staff training taught me the higher the number the fresher the product.”

Codes on the supermarket products tell customers and staff when they were packaged. Another knowledgeable shopper added in the comments: “A – January B – February C – March D – April and so on and so on and then the numbers is the day of the month.”

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If you ever worry about doing your shopping online and not being able to choose the freshest produce for yourself there is good news. The Tesco worker added that online picker staff are told “to pick the fresher product”.

Shoppers were delighted to have been let in on the ‘secret’, with one writing: “I had no idea!! thank you for sharing.”

“Thank you for that,” added another. “I wondered how to choose the freshest now they’ve stopped dating so many products.”


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