Nicola Bulley friend says search ‘may need to go down other avenues’

A friend of missing Nicola Bulley says it “may be time to start looking down other avenues” if search and rescue teams cannot find her in the coming days.

The mother-of-two went missing in Lancashire on the morning of Friday 27 January while walking her dog.

Detectives say their “main working hypothesis” is that the 45-year-old fell into the River Wyre near to the village of St Michael’s on Wyre.

But her family and friends have claimed there is “no evidence whatsoever” behind this.

Specialist search teams, including a private company, are carrying out searches over the river, but they have yet to find her.

Speaking beside the river on Tuesday, family friend Heather Gibbons said: “I think it’s incredibly hard, but up to a certain level, we understand it’s human nature, it’s natural for everyone to have speculation, because the truth is in this, nothing is making sense.

“The truth is if we look at it factually, no-one knows until we have some evidence.

“I know that the family are massively appreciative of all the police have done.

“As family and friends, the way we are looking at it is, between Peter and his team and the police, we feel we have got the best of the best on that water and hopefully it will be a completion, one way or the other.

“And if they find nothing, then maybe its time to start looking down other avenues.”

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