Emmerdale’s Cain spirals as he takes chaotic and destructive revenge on Will

Emmerdale’s Cain (Jeff Hordley) is not used to be being told no, and with Amy (Natalie Ann Jamieson) adhering strictly to Kyle’s bail conditions and refusing access to Cain, the Dingle’s head is about to explode like Faith’s firework.

Amy has been religious in keeping Cain away from Kyle since his release in the lead up to the hearing, and though Cain has tried all sorts to get her to relent, she hasn’t caved. He’s nervous though, and an angry anxious Cain is exponentially worse than a mere angry Cain.

Amy and Kyle (Huey Quinn) bump into Will (Dean Andrews) and Lucas (Noah Ryan Aspinall) at The Hide and Will kindly offers to take Kyle to the playground when Amy has to pop to the solicitors to sign some papers. Cain spots Kim’s other half hanging out with his son and sees red that another man is taking care of his child, confronting the babysitter with just what’s on his mind.

Will is not the sort to be intimidated and sticks to Amy’s orders that Cain cannot come near his son. Yet another person telling him no only serves to push Cain even closer to blowing a blood vessel. Amy arrives on scene in time to tell Cain to do one.

Amy is so riled up by Cain’s insistence on putting Kyle’s freedom at risk that when downloading to Victoria she reveals a plan that will devastate Cain.

Will later approaches Amy to apologise for the scene, but their conversation is interrupted when the horse Apollo comes charging down the street.

He’s the new stud horse, worth a bucket of money, and it looks like Will has had a lapse and accidentally set him free. Of course, in reality, it’s a begrudged Cain at work, who unlatched the stallion’s stall and turned him loose.

Cain is gleeful as he watches Will panic when Caleb (Will Ash) arrives on scene and is not in the slightest bit amused.

Will is for the high jump thanks to Cain, and as a double whammy Caleb’s had the smile knocked off his face too. Cain is just getting started, but where will his need for revenge end?

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