Commuter town just outside London named the worst place to live in England

A London commuter town has been named by property website as the worst place to live in the whole of England. Luton, Bedfordshire, is found just 22.4 miles north of the capital is 2023’s worst place to live, ahead of the north and Aylesbury.

If the reviews on ilivehere are anything to go by, then Luton leaves a lot to be desired. So bad in fact that one person said ‘it makes Slough look like Monaco’.

Luton’s sounding increasingly like a dystopia as opposed to just an ugly place to live. Some people think it’s so grim to look at that they draw parallels between Luton and a shanty town. A different frustrated resident said: “Tin Town is the area of Luton that is houses that are half made from tin, they were built after the war for London overspills to live in. They were meant to be temporary.

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“60 years later they’re still there. However, just recently the council have ‘revamped’ the houses and they are no longer made of tin and they actually look quite nice.”

They added how Tin Town is a densely populated neck of the woods, where arson and vandalism is rife. “All the same they are lived in by [redacted] in their hundreds. Walk by tin town and you’re bound to see a couple of ten year olds setting fire to bins, kicking in the phone boxes and graffitiing on the bus stops,” they wrote.

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