Chiefs Owner Reacts To The Andy Reid Retirement Rumors

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid is no young buck. But is he considering retirement after Super Bowl LVII?

That was the question posed to Chiefs CEO and chairman Clark Hunt during this week’s media session. Hunt dismissed the question, making it clear that from what he’s seeing Reid is “having too much fun” to consider retirement. He believes that Reid will be with the Chiefs for “a bunch of years” and continue to lead them to Super Bowls.

“I think Andy is having too much fun coaching the Chiefs right now… I think he’s really enjoying what he’s doing… hopefully he’ll stay with us a bunch of years and win many more Super Bowls,” Hunt said.

That doesn’t mean that Reid can’t change his mind anytime between the end of the Super Bowl and the middle of the offseason. Last year Bruce Arians waited all the way until March to retire. 

But fans share Hunt’s belief that there’s no reason to assume Reid is close to retiring:

“This post is the first rumor I’ve heard. I just can’t see him retiring any time soon,” one user replied. 

“If we lose Sunday 0% chance he retires, if we win it becomes 1%,” wrote another.

“Didn’t Andy sign a new contract like 2 years ago? Where are these rumors coming from?” a third said.

So if Andy Reid does retire, it’s going to be as surprising to ownership as everyone else.

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