Cancer-stricken dog and owner joined by 30 dogs for final walk on favourite beach

A dog was treated to the time of her life on her final walk ever – being taken to her favourite beach and joined by 30 furry friends.

Sarah Keith, 44, put out a message on social media saying that 12-year-old Ella was to be put to sleep, and that she would be going on her final walk on Monday at midday. The Border Collie had oral cancer, but Sarah was determined she ‘go out with a bang’.

Sarah was stunned to find around 25 owners and their 30 dogs when she arrived at the beach.

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Ella, who also suffered from arthritis, still enjoyed her time on the sand with the other dogs. She was put to sleep later that afternoon.

“There were people who I’d never met them. You don’t know who they are. But it’s lovely they showed a bit of humility and grace when something like this happens,” Sarah said, DerbyshireLive reports.

“The only time I cried was when someone hugged me. There was also a lady that made a hand-stitched keepsake. And there was a group of people with border collies and Ella loved running with them. At one point there were six or seven going after the same ball. She was the best dog I have ever had, and I have had lots of dogs.”

Sarah added that she didn’t want to ‘prolong’ Ella’s suffering, and that it would have been ‘selfish’ for her to keep her alive.

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