Billy Billingham ‘thrown’ by SAS: Who Dares Wins recruit revealing daughter’s death

An SAS: Who Dares Wins recruit stunned Mark ‘Billy’ Billingham on Tuesday’s episode by revealing that her daughter had died from cancer as a two-year-old as she said she felt like she’d ‘failed her a bit’ by struggling on the show.

Becky, who is a housewife from Essex and also known as number five on the Jungle Hell edition of the show, run by directing staff Rudy Reyes, new DS Chris Oliver, Chief Instructor Billy and Foxy (Jason Fox), had just come off a difficult challenge.

The 35-year-old admitted to ‘freezing’ as the recruits were tasked with tracking down an armed gunman on the loose in a civilian market, and then put in a very aggressive showing during the programmes’s traditionally brutal ‘murderball’.

Pulled in for a chat to discuss her performance, a clearly emotional Becky shared that her daughter had died from cancer aged just two-and-a-half, six years ago.

The contestant explained that she knew that must be the toughest thing she would ever face as Billy admitted: ‘I can’t imagine how hard that must be.’

Both he and Rudy were clearly affected by Becky’s story as she revealed her son was her ‘rock’.

‘I have to get up and do things because he’s there, because life just goes on doesn’t it?

‘I feel like I’ve failed her a little bit,’ Becky then added of her daughter.

Rudy then encouraged her to ‘face the dark places’ as he reassured her they were ‘not intentionally’ thrown at her.

‘Nothing that we throw at you is going to be harder,’ he said.

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Billy then added: ‘You are strong, you’ve got guts, you’ve got courage , you’ve got strength – but do it for you, because you deserve it.’

As Becky was removed from the room with the customary bag over her head, staying in the show, Billy admitted: ‘That threw me a bit to be honest. Poor thing.’

Reflecting on their meeting, Becky heartbreakingly revealed: ‘I didn’t think that I was ever good at anything before I was a mum. I was a really good mum for a while.’

Viewers were also in awe of Becky in what has already been an intense series, with one tweeting: ‘What a woman Becky (No5) is.’

‘Wow that’s strength right there,’ echoed a second as another fan added: ‘You are a good Mum, Becky. Your [sic] doing your daughter proud.’

This week, it was recruit number 11, chef Zac, who left after opting to bow out from completing the course.

SAS: Who Dares Wins airs Mondays at 9pm on Channel 4.

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