Aldi shopper says her ‘whole life has been a lie’ after seeing how you are really supposed to store potatoes

A new debate on the best place to store potatoes has broken out online as one Aldi shopper was shocked to find a symbol of a fridge on her packet of white spuds. Beth was gobsmacked when she saw the symbol of a fridge with the words “store below 5 degrees” on the packaging.

She immediately took to TikTok to ask if her “whole life” had been a lie, as she was used to keeping her potatoes in a cupboard. “Surely no,” she wrote as she zoomed in on the Aldi packaging. “Does anyone else keep their potatoes in the fridge? Is this NEW? Is my whole life a lie?”

Shoppers in the comments were divided, with one saying: “I’ve never met anyone that kept their potatoes in the fridge…” Beth added that it felt “like the Mandela effect”. She wrote: “I can literally envision ‘keep in dark place’ on the packet.”

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Others were quick to promote storing potatoes in the fridge. “I’ve been keeping mine in the fridge for as long as I can remember,” commented one shopper. “Never have sprouts or spoilage.”

One convert tried to convince others to follow in their footsteps, commenting: “Right I kept them in a dark cupboard… they grew mad bits so put them in the fridge, now they stay good for weeks.”

Which side are you on? Should potatoes go in the fridge or in the cupboard? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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