NFL fans bash Pro Bowl Games after Myles Garrett injury

So much for the theory that the new Pro Bowl Games flag football and skills competitions format would protect players from injury.

NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero reported Sunday that Cleveland Browns defensive star Myles Garrett is believed to have suffered a dislocated toe in the Pro Bowl Games.

Garrett limped off the field after the injury and headed for X-rays, which were negative.

The good news: Dislocated toes generally heal on their own without surgery, within a couple of months, according to various medical websites. The bad news: they can be prone to dislocation again.

One of the reasons the NFL introduced the new Pro Bowl Games format is because players were concerned about the possibility of injuries. Garrett’s injury shows the new competition still involves risks. Anytime you have supreme athletes of that size, running, cutting, jumping, etc., there is a risk of injury.

NFL fans watching the action seemed to think even the new format is a bad idea, for that reason.

“The Pro Bowl is that Chinese weather balloon at this point. Just put it out of its misery. The teams with the worst 4 records should be playing in a tourney for the #1 pick, culminating in the ‘Toilet Bowl’ today. Why can’t we have that?” tweeted a fan.


[Tom Pelissero, NFL Network; Photo credit: Darren Carr

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