‘Most bizarre’ scene unfolds at minor league hockey game

A scene unfolded during what was supposed to be a minor league hockey game on Sunday in the SPHL (Southern Professional Hockey League) that left one veteran reporter saying it was the “Most bizarre thing I’ve seen in 40 years covering pro hockey.”

The Vermilion County Bobcats were supposed to host the Quad City Storm at the David S. Palmer Arena in Danville, Illinois. But while the visiting storm arrived and went through all of the normal pregame routines, including lining up for the face-off, something important was missing — their opponents.

“SPHL drama in Danville, where host Vermilion County never showed up for game vs Quad City. It’s a forfeit win for QC. Most bizarre thing I’ve seen in 40 years covering pro hockey. QC bused in, skated warmups, lined up national anthem/faceoff, skated a lap, then saluted ‘crowd,’” Dave Eminian of the Journal Star tweeted, along with a video of the strange scene.

Hockey fans had a lot to say about the strange news.

Indeed, given that Moline and Danville and more than 200 miles apart, it would be one thing if the visiting team didn’t show up. The home team not showing up, though, is hard to fathom.

One fan asked the obvious follow-up question, why did this happen? Eminian responded by noting the team’s futility and saying, “this was inevitable.”

While minor league hockey has long been a fixture in Danville, the Bobcats are still new to the scene, only in their second season. And if Sunday’s game is any indicator of how things are going with the team, a third season may not be in the cards.

[Dave Eminian on Twitter]

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